"Rodney has been my trainer for the past three years, and what a remarkable job he has done for me. If you want to lose the extra pounds, Rodney will make sure you lose it."

"Rodney helped me get into the best shape of my life - just as I'm turning 40! After having two babies, I needed to shed weight and start to exercise again. He ramped up my sessions according to my goals and how I continued to improve. He helped me lose 25 pounds in four months and now I'm maintaining. Rodney's workouts are fun and challenging. I look forward to them each week."

"I was more interested in learning pure boxing skills than in simply doing a workout. I discovered that Rodney is excellent at both. My boxing skills have improved tremendously, and I have shaved 12lbs without intending to do so at all. Also, I had surgery for a torn miniscus and have osteo-arthritis in both knees. Rodney has tailored my boxing training to help me rehab from injury and to accomodate my injuries into our workout."

"I have been training with Rodney for nearly a year. When I started I wanted to get in better shape and learn a little boxing, and he did just that for me. I can honestly say I'm the most fit I've ever been and had a great time getting here. Rodney is a pleasure to train with."

"I have been training with Rodney for four months. I have lost 20 lbs and I feel stronger and healthier everyday. Rodney will customize a tough personal workout that will get you in great shape and have you motivated to keep coming back.Rodney is definitely worth every penny. You're going to love his boxing workout."